Erica Penk: Technical Artist


    Zayden's Wish @ TRICK 3D
  • Technical demo coordination and rehearsal
  • Realtime pipeline debugging in Unreal Engine

  • Sky Rover Commercial @ TRICK 3D
  • Optitrack on-set previsualization

  • Aflac Commercial @ TRICK 3D
  • Optitrack mocap recording, Editing in MotionBuilder and Maya
  • Pipeline development in 3ds Max and Maya

  • Terminus Presentation for TRICK 3D
  • (Un)Realistic Expectations: Pushing Unreal 4 Beyond Gaming (Speaker)
  • Dance choreography, Mocap recording with Perception Neuron Unreal plugin

  • 2017 Atlanta Jewish Film Festival Opening
  • Pipeline development, Lighting assistance in Maya
  • Rendered with Mental Ray

  • Dancin' Man @ Games That Work (serious game for IARPA)
  • Optitrack recording and mocap editing in MotionBuilder
  • Lighting in Maya, Rendered with Mental Ray

  • Delta Virtual Photography @ TRICK 3D
  • Running Optitrack's Virtual Camera System (VCS) with MotionBuilder plugin
  • Technical continuity, Script supervision, vMix video capture operation with live chroma key

  • Render Script @ Turner Studios
  • Scripting, Debugging, Documentation in After Effects

  • Nor: A Cloud Story @ SCAD Atlanta (10 week collaborative short)
  • Lighting, Shader network setup, Debugging character rigs in Maya
  • Rendered with Mental Ray