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Ever since I saw the movie Toy Story I wanted to explore animation and voice my own characters. As a kid I competed in gymnastics and later as a pole-vaulter for Georgia Tech where I joined the Emergent Game Group. I told myself I was only there to learn about 3D animation for film, but little did I know that motion capture and realtime game technology would become so integral to the filmmaking industry. 

I’ve worked with clients such as: Trick 3D, Profile Studios, and Warner Media and I’ve been using Unreal Engine since 2015.  In 2021, I became an Unreal Authorized Instructor to equip current filmmakers as well as the next generation to tell their own stories with realtime technology.

Latest projects

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Writing in Unreal


Unreal Fellowship

learning intensive
Mary Anne Saves the Day

Mary Anne Saves the Day

interactive audiobook

Armchair Quarterback

vr experience


virtual photography

Zayden’s Wish

vr trip to saturn


Natural Speaking Voice 

  • Age Range: 25 – 40
  • Accent: Neutral American

Voice Qualities

  • Energetic, Zany, Clear, Crisp
  • Fresh, Bright, Warm, Smooth

Home Studio

  • NT-1A Rode Mic
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2


  • Animation, Audiobooks, E-learning 
  • Children’s Literature, Young Adult

professional experience


NOV. 2021
  • Pennsylvania Dutch accent
  • Writing in Unreal program for Ellie Foumbi’s Zenith 

Mocap Talent | Stand-In | Extra, Trick 3D

JAN. 2015 – FEB. 2018
  • Portrayed tech demo characters (Optitrack / Perception Neuron suits)
  • Stand-in for virtual photography shoots
  • Extra for Floorplan Revolution promotional videos


atlanta voiceover studio, Atlanta, GA

FEB. 2020 – FEB. 2021 
  • Learn Adobe Audition with James Younger
  • Intro to VO with Brian Bremer

Alliance Theater, Atlanta, GA

NOV. 2019 – DEC. 2019
  • Acting I with Allison Gardner

independent training

OCT. 2018 – JUN. 2019
  • Girls Will Be Boys with Lisa Biggs
  • Vocal coaching with Sharon Corpening


Jury’s Choice Award, ASIFAC VO ANimation battle

DEC. 2020
  • Voiced southern cowgirl, Sang parody theme song

Mary Alyce and John Merow Over Achiever Award, learning ally

APR. 2019 – MAR. 2020
  • 50+ service hours narrating children’s audiobooks

3D work

Zayden’s Wish @ TRICK 3D 

  • Technical demo coordination and rehearsal
  • Realtime pipeline debugging in Unreal Engine

Sky Rover Commercial @ TRICK 3D 

  • Optitrack on-set previsualization

Aflac Commercial @ TRICK 3D 

  • Optitrack mocap recording, Editing in MotionBuilder and Maya
  • Pipeline development in 3ds Max and Maya

Terminus Presentation for TRICK 3D 

  • (Un)Realistic Expectations: Pushing Unreal 4 Beyond Gaming (Speaker)
  • Dance, Mocap recording with Perception Neuron Unreal plugin

2017 Atlanta Jewish Film Festival Opening 

  • Pipeline development, Lighting assistance in Maya
  • Rendered with Mental Ray

Dancin’ Man @ Games That Work (serious game for IARPA) 

  • Optitrack recording and mocap editing in MotionBuilder
  • Lighting in Maya, Rendered with Mental Ray

Delta Virtual Photography @ TRICK 3D 

  • Ran Optitrack’s Virtual Camera System (VCS) with MotionBuilder plugin
  • Technical continuity, Script supervision, vMix video capture operation with live chroma key

Render Script @ Turner Studios 

  • Scripting, Debugging, Documentation in After Effects

Nor: A Cloud Story @ SCAD Atlanta (10 week collaborative short)

  • Lighting, Shader network setup, Debugging character rigs in Maya
  • Rendered with Mental Ray

professional experience


  • Teaching Assistant for Winter | Spring 2021 Unreal Fellowships
  • Instructor (Animation, Maya) for Summer 2021 Unreal Fellowship
  • Unreal Artist | Instructor for Tribeca Film Festival: Writing In Unreal
  • Mentor for CG Spectrum | Mastered (Unreal Authorized Training Centers) 
  • Instructor | Mentor for Unreal 2022 Spring Fellowship


  • Unreal, motion capture, previs, video editing, pipeline development, volumetric capture
  • Clients: Trick 3D, Profile Studios, Interactive Advantage, MoTR, Arcturus, Method Studios (formerly Proxi VP)

Virtual Humans Animator (Blueprints), ETC@USC’s Fathead

JAN. 2022 – APR. 2022
  • Scripted blueprint triggers to randomize virtual human animation
  • Presented at HPA, findings will be published in the next ETC@USC white paper
  • 30 MetaHumans (500K triangles each)  were animating on the LED volume @ LOD 0

adjunct professor, GEORGIA TECH | gwinnett technical college

AUG. 2018 – JULY 2019
  • Taught Maya, Unreal generalist skills with an emphasis on storytelling
  • Taught WordPress for personal portfolio development

Technical Manager, Trick 3D

JAN. 2015 – FEB. 2018
  • Facilitated on-set virtual production shoots, motion capture, calibration, cleanup
  • VR / AR tech demos for archvis / cinematic previs, developed previsualization tools
  • R & D project pipelines, Shotgun, public speaking, documentation

Effects Technical Assistant, warner media Studios

JUNE – AUG. 2014
  • R & D pipeline and tools for Nuke, After Effects, and Maya workflows 
  • Color management for ARRI Alexa / Nuke workflow 
  • Rendering, 3d tracking, lens distortion, alembic, Javascript, Python

Lead Mocap Technician, Games That Work

JUNE – AUG. 2012
  • Ran Optitrack capture sessions, processed and distributed motion capture data


Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

  • Master of Science in Digital Media (May 2014), 3.92 GPA
  • Bachelor of Science in Computational Media (May 2011), 3.91 GPA Highest Honors
  • Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta, GA (ANIM, VSFX, TECH Courses)


Virtual Production
Technical Animation | Motion Capture
FBX Data Ingestion
Technical Instruction | Mentoring
Unreal Blueprints
Pipeline Development | R & D
Sequencer | Previsualization
3D Generalist


Maya | 3ds Max
Adobe Audition | Premiere


MEL Script

Latest Posts

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