My adventure as an Unreal Authorized Instructor kicked off with the Winter Unreal Fellowship in 2021.  I started as a Teaching Assistant for the Winter and Spring Fellowships (V4 and V5).  I answered questions during lectures, gave 1 on 1 Unreal Engine instruction across multiple time zones, and critiqued developing stories. Go Team Lish and Team Vani!

For the Summer Fellowship (V6), I had the privilege of teaching animation and file importing classes to the fellows.  I learned that the longer I’m allowed to be in front of the webcam, the harder it is for me to not unconsciously start singing during the lecture. We usually have a lot of fun. 😉

The most satisfying part of my job is knowing that I help empower individuals to use the Unreal Engine to tell their own stories.  Many new friends were made and you can check out the video posts from the 2021 Winter, Spring, and Summer Fellowships.